About Us

Medicorp Australia is a boutique firm focused on delivering key services to the medical industry. We provide coordination between different medical professionals, which is essential to improve your company’s efficiency and profits. We are committed to performance, quality and outcomes, and we handle all projects with utmost diligence, honest communication, and flexible professional services. Medicorp Australia also provides training services to both Medical and Non Medical staff; and a full suite of ancillary services such as practice management marketing, and office design; as well as, identification and procurement of equipment and contract negotiations.

Medicorp Australia’s origins date back to 1989. It was formed to develop and manage international medical conferences to provide a platform for all professionals related to the medical industry to meet and exchange scientific knowledge for better patient care. Our international medical conferences facilitated interactions between clinicians, surgeons, researchers, exhibitors, and manufacturers.

Medicorp Australia developed significant global experience, and in 2005, it expanded its framework to provide strategic advice to its clients by setting up its business and legal advisory services. We have also developed medical software for our different clients according to their specific requirements.We have successfully assisted doctors and surgeons practicing stem cell therapy byhelping them to integrate research and clinical implementation. Cosmetic Medical Practice is another area of activity of Medicorp Australia.

Our education programmeincludes training workshops, lectures and continued medical educationactivities to help our clients understandhow to incorporate the constant restructuring, consolidation and innovation, necessary in the health care industry to remain at the forefront of this dynamic discipline.

Our Core Values

Medicorp Australia has been serving the medical industry for the past 15 years in different arenas. Our multiple professional services canhelp our clients in all possible ways in planning and executing their medical projects.

We aim to build long term relationships with our clients,hence we design and implement our services according to their specifications and requirements.

Our core values are:

  • Trust and Loyalty
  • Leadership, Adaptability and Team Work
  • Professionalism, Honesty and Accountability
  • Integrity and Courage

Our Service

Service Offered by Medicorp Australia

Business Services
Front Desk Training
Sourcing of Equipment
Contract Negotiations
Patient Information
Dispute Resolution
Commercial Contracts
MCA Medicorp International Pty Ltd.

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