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Patient education : For a patient, the decision to undergo surgery requires thoughtfulness and a thorough understanding of what to expect before, during and after the surgery. This Patient Information process is an important trust-building step between the patient and the clinician. Medicorp Australia can help with the task of educating the patients about surgical procedures and lets you focus on your interaction with the patient;which ultimately leads toa successful performance of the procedure.

Front desk training : Let Medicorp Australia help train your front desk receptionist, because we understand how this will expand your client base, and retain your loyal customers to make your practice more successful.

A medical clinic relies greatly on its front desk manager who should be trained to satisfy clients’ queries, to set up appointments, to register new patients, to update patients’ records and to create a friendly, welcoming, and well organized front office. The front desk receptionist does not only have to deal with patients, but also with clinical staff, pharmaceutical representatives, vendors and others. Therefore, they must be able to maintain a calm workplace and therefore an efficient environment.

Medicorp Australia can coach them specific to your company’s policies and work on building their customer service, communication skills and stress management. We also train them in basic medical terminology, medical software, medical ethics etc.

Human Resource

Human resource management advice: Medicorp Australia can advise you in managing your human resource matters, whether it is about recruiting the right people, creating harassment-free workplace, or staff training.

    We also offer services in the following areas :
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment disputes
  • Employment hiring

Sourcing of equipment : Medicorp Australia takes pride in having a strong and viable network of manufacturers, physicians, surgeons, trainers and other professionals. We can help you in sourcing state-of-the art equipment for your various medical business related needs. Our negotiations team can help you get the best deal with suppliers.

Setting up your own cosmetic medical practice : Having your own surgery clinic might be a much-cherished dream and Medicorp Australia has the resources and experience to help you shape your dreams. Our diversely-skilled team of professionals can assist you; from the first step of choosing the venue for your clinic, to designing its interior, to sourcing the equipment, and to hiring competent staff.

We also have turn-key options for you if you want to take the challenge of building from scratch. Furthermore, our team can also help you refine your existing practice.

Medical conferences

Medicorp Australia has a long history of international medical conferences and workshops to provide a platform for professionals related to the medical industry to meet and exchange their scientific knowledgeandexperiences for better patient care. It facilitates clinicians, researchers, surgeons, exhibitors, manufacturers being able to share information.


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