Training Workshops Focused in Cosmetic Surgery

The rapidly evolving cosmetic medical industry,makes it critical to stay updated about the latest developments in medical and surgical procedures and the assessment and development of newequipment. Medicorp Australia conducts focused workshops, related to the field of cosmetic surgery practice. Our skilled team of professionals provides clinicians with knowledge, hands-on experience and demonstrationsabout theuse of the latest surgical tools, cosmetic procedures, stem cells therapy and laser treatments.

Lectures : Our lectures are structured around specific areas of cosmetic surgery procedures to educate the participants through visual and verbal means. You can learn from the experiences of successful professionals of medical industry through our lectures about the newest techniques, latest tools and safest procedures involved in cosmetic surgery.

CME : Continued Medical Education is an important aspect of a physician’s career. Medicorp Australia has just the right resources to help you pursue CME. Contact us for our upcoming events

Video Presentations : Medicorp Australia is working to create an extensive database of video presentations on JCSM online website. Being able to watch online how our experts handle difficult surgical procedures and techniques with finesse and expertiseshall provide a wonderful and enrichinglearning environment for the clinicians.


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