Secure Consent

Achieving a proper informed consent from patients is essential for their safety. A medico-legal challenge is often documenting their acknowledgment that they have been informed appropriately about their planned procedures and the inherent risks and complications. Informed consent is essential to best practice; however, one cannot overlook the possibility of legal gaps and pitfalls in typical consent forms.

Medicorp Australia has patented “Secure Consent”, a computer based programme, which documents not only the presence of risk but also includes patients’ acknowledgments that risks have been discussed and accepted.

The most striking advantage of “Secure Consent” over traditional consent forms is the utilization of modern technologies to document and to process theinformation provided by the patients. Its interactive interface allows the patients to understand the risks, benefits and treatments they are undertaking.Most importantly, each step is documented and can be accessed, whenever required.

“Secure Consent” is designed to adapt to the different requirements of ourclients and their patients. It not only facilitates communication and collaboration between the patients and the physicians, but also provides them legal protection. In this regard, Medicorp Australia is working with professional indemnity bodies to provide better security in risk management.


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