JCSM Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine

JCSM is an extensive and comprehensive published journal of peer-reviewed scholarly articles about the entire field of Cosmetic Medical Practice. Launched in 2005, this journal was originally titled as the AJCS Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery . In 2010, its readership outgrew its regional base and was launched in the UK and Europe- thus necessitating a more global title.

The acclaim JCSM has received from the international medical community can be accredited to the fact that it provided authentic and updated information based on firsthand experiences of cosmetic surgeons and physicians from across the world.The Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine has proven invaluable for surgeons, researchers and clinicians working in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Ifclinicians feel they lack the skillsrequired for writing for a scholarly journal then the JCSM Authors Assistance Desk can also provide some help in this regard.

JCSM Online

This is an electronic version of the Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine. JCSM Online enables its subscribers to save time and travel costs.By logging in any time, in order to learn about the latest innovations in cosmetic medical practice from anywhere in the world, subscribers can access archived articles written by doctors and researchers, related to the field of cosmetic surgery and medicine; view informative video presentations; and access the broad range of suppliers and their wares.


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